The Book Nook Is Enjoying the Weather (8/18)

Welcome to the Book Nook! The weekly thread for all book nerds on The Avocado. This is the place to talk about books you’re currently reading, discuss genres, ask for recommendations, and post serious literary criticism. 

I know this has very much not been the case in many other countries, but lately the weather here has taken a definite turn towards the autumnesque. It may be incredibly basic but to me, those are the perfect conditions for reading! Ever since I was a little kid I was always a bit relieved when it started raining. During the summer (and especially on vacation) my parents tried to pressure me into going outside and doing something, away from the campsite we’d set up or the vacation house we’d rented, or I felt guilty about not taking advantage of the beautiful weather, as rare as it is over here.

But all of that always disappeared as soon as the temperature dropped and it started to rain. As no one expected me to go outside and play when the weather’s terrible I could just stay inside and read books and watch movies guilt-free whenever that happened. Those first few days where it rained I always felt a bit of relief, and I have referred to it as “sitting inside weather” ever since I was a kid. 

Which brings me to today’s discussion topic: What are the perfect reading conditions for you? Do you prefer terrible weather as I do, including a blanket to snuggle under (and a cat)? Or at the end of a warm day as it slowly cools off? Please share your stories!

I would like this thread to continue to be a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone as much as possible. An occasional exception would be fine with me, but let us use our words as often as possible.