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The Wednesday Politics Thread

The weirdest thing I learned from my father is how to redirect fear and give it meaning. When we lived in the Middle East, there were days where the bombings of our cities never relented and it felt as if the end of our world was not just near, but also very certain; they ripped the sky and landed with a sound similar to a volleyball smashing beside you into the ground but amplified a million, shaking the very foundations of your home; their impact was so forceful that even if landing tens of kilometers away, every window in the surrounding area would shatter and viciously shred to pieces anything and anyone standing too close to them.

Endless nights living with the sound of rockets flying above you, landing near you. Endless seconds stretched beyond reason while you pray to a god you know has forgotten about you long ago, for how can there be a higher being when so much suffering, so much pain, so much intentional cruelty goes unchecked, unpunished. Times like this, my father used to remind us that no matter what, when it’s your time to go you will not be able to stop it no matter how loudly you pray or beg, and that the only control you’re left with is how you leave this world. The best thing, the more meaningful thing you can do is try to set the world straight and concentrate on the little things that help instead of the big things that leave you helpless.

When the world around you is set aflame, when bombs are ripping the night sky shaking your being with terror, when the sound of buildings being reduced to rubble leaves you breathless and full of shame and guilt because you’re grateful it wasn’t you under that rubble, when the news is full of dead bodies ripped by bullets, when you feel your mind slowly slipping into insanity, you let go of you and center your attention on the little things that might help only one person because saving nations full of persons leaves you feeling more despair at the impossible task.

Our world today is aflame, again. Too much cruelty, too much pain, too much anger, too much of everything useless that does not even save one life. Now is the time to re-center all that anger into helping just one person; one person, channel all your anger into alleviating the fears of just one person, that is all you can do today so do it well. Make it count.