How Lucky Can You Get? Sunday Food Thread 8/8

So we’re road-tripping from Chicago to Asheville to see my in-laws new house and neighborhood. Decided to split the drive up since we’ve never done it before and it’s a long way. About an hour south of Indianapolis we decide Louisville will be enough for the first day and my wife starts searching for restaurants there. She found Shalimar through a food blogger and this just might be our midpoint eatery every time we make the trip from now on! The Peshwari Naan is a must have, naan filled with cashews, raisins and coconut. Just a great flavor and texture and the naan itself was cooked to perfection. We had the vegetable samosa chaat for an appetizer and it came with an onion chutney that was basically chopped onions in Maggi Hot & Sweet (a spicy ketchup). Entrees were Malai Kofta (veggie dumplings in a delicious sauce) and Nav Rattan Korma (garden veggies in a cream sauce with cashews and raisins). We had a great meal and ate the leftovers at a rest area in Tennessee. We’ll be passing through Louisville Sunday evening and are heading straight to Shalimar again!

Please share any of your lucky discoveries or places you really don’t want to miss when you’re in a particular place.