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Sports Corner Signs with a New Team

Now it can be told: my new job? It’s with the Lakers. As I met the minimum age for what might be the NBA’s oldest franchise, I have signed a one year deal and will be the team’s backup point guard. Sure, I can’t play D or shoot the three, but neither can Westbrook.

But man, what a week it’s been in the NBA with the draft and the free agent frenzy. I know it creates a ton of buzz, but sometimes I wonder if the mad rush to reshape all 30 teams in six days is actually good for the sport.

Elsewhere, we have the end of the Olympics, the end of the Cubs in a trade deadline fire sale, the beginning of football training camp, and the ever present spectre of COVID as there are just enough players not vaccinated to make cancer survivor Ron Rivera really pissed.

As noted, if all goes according to plan, this will be the last regularly scheduled Sports Corner for a while. Hopefully, once I settle into a new routine and also get through the Jewish holidays in September, I will bring this column back. Till then, I will see fellow sportsball fans in the NFL posts once that season gets going, Let’s go local sports team!