Marble League 2021

Marble League 2021: Events #4-6

It’s time to recap events #4-6 of the 2021 Marble League competition: Funnel Endurance; Relay; and Jousting. Here are the videos for your viewing pleasure:

The Funnel Endurance is a classic event and a JMR favourite. The addition of the black hole funnels provides an element of strategy that was absent in older incarnations of the sport, generating even more opportunities for jostling and jockeying. The Chocolatiers take the gold with a time of 2:23.15.

Another classic event: the Relay. In some ways it’s the flagship event of the Marble League, just like its Humanlympian counterpart. True to their name, the Savage Speeders win the gold.

And finally, a new event: Jousting! In this event, two marbles from each team compete to send a heavier ball bearing into their opponent’s territory. All the fun of contact sports, none of the bloody mess. In this inaugural contest, the Hazers take the gold with a resounding victory with a resounding 11.2 cm score over Mellow Yellow.

Stray thoughts:

  • Out of the three fruit-themed teams, the Raspberry Racers are doing the best after six events, sitting comfortably in second place. The O’rangers are all the way down in 12th, and the Limers are in last place, though tied with the Minty Maniacs for points.
  • On a more opinionated note, I don’t care for Jousting at all. I know that Collision was confusing and difficult to score, but at least it was fun to watch. Jousting is not a suitable replacement.

See you soon for events #7 to 9!

For complete Marble League 2021 stats, please check out the Jelle’s Marble Runs Wiki.