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Get The Hitman – The Wednesday Politics Thread

Despite Republican obstructionism, despite the Conman’s lackeys and sycophants’ multiple media stunts and efforts to shift the conversation away from the organized and well-funded January 6 Insurrection, where an angry mob attempted to overturn the 2020 election results by breaching the doors of the U.S. Capitol and running down the hallways, breaking everything in sight, taking a dump on the floors, and hunting down members of Congress as well as the Vice President of the United States with the explicit intent to publicly lynch them (you know, “touristy” behavior), the House-lead January 6th Commission officially opened yesterday.

But despite all Republican attempts to block Congress from doing its job and investigate the root causes, planning, and funding of the insurrection, Speaker Pelosi and her Democrats made sure to not only create a bipartisan commission, but also (unlike the January 6 investigation bill that was blocked by Republicans in the Senate) to allow the House-lead January 6 Commission a timeline beyond the previously-approved Republican year-end deadline, less limitations on subpoena power, and can now very much go into 2022, if need be, making sure that every person, every participant, every hand that was raised in violence, and every link leading to the explicit funding of the insurrection, to be investigated and put under the blunt spotlight, forced into public testimony and getting to the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, with the clear intent to holding accountable those who aided and abetted an attack on Democracy. All hail that badass and tenacious Pelosi!

For those who watched the opening testimonies yesterday of officiers who survived the attack on January 6th, it has now become clear that the anger and the will to hold obstructionists and insurrectionists accountable has not subsided. On the contrary, it has gained momentum by allowing the grasp of the Conman to lessen in power away from the wide reach of the Oval Office he was placed into, and for his propaganda to be further limited in spread as his hate rallies are now relegated to third-tier headlines and coverage. Timing and a steady firm experienced hand at the helm is what makes a difference in delivering on sound strategy.

Keep paying close attention because, if it’s not yet clear, many have been attempting to sway you away from honestly looking at the unfolding investigation and understanding the root causes of why democracy came so close to be overturned. The very politicians and pundits who pretended to speak up and represent the needs of the Working Class have been attempting to defraud and punish that very Working Class, propagating rhetoric where hardworking civil servants do not deserve to be paid for overtime, or to receive the mental healthcare and support they desperately need.

Have a great Wednesday!