The Night Thread Makes Sausages

Oh hey there folks, I guess.

Ordinary Sausage was caused in early 2020 by a Floridian man by the name of John(?) who got bored and decided to make sausages. It took off when famous youtube person Cr1TiKaL took notice of his videos, they’ve made two collaborations together since which are well something.

Later bits got added like the infamous will it blow where the sausage residue from the sausage press gets well blown out of their pipe and the fan art segments. But not ordinary sausages, even that’s the title, but just whatever things edible or sometimes not fits in sausage casing. It’s been a journey since with him eating and making some of the most godawful/wonderful looking sausages and allot of mayhem. Mostly a mix between a cooking and a comedy channel it is quite a unique bit of you-tubing and something i find very delightful.

I’m giving this thread 1 MARK RUFFALO