Comic Book Review – Blue and Gold #1

Blue and Gold #1

Writer – Dan Jurgens

Artist – Ryan Sook

Team Blue and Gold is back in this eight-issue miniseries brought to you by Booster Gold’s creator Dan Jurgens and artist Ryan Sook.

Booster Gold is live streaming his encounter with an alien ship in New York City, as viewers critique his actions in real time. Booster is in over his head and his trusty sidekick, Skeets, quickly locates Ted Kord, who is in town visiting his family’s grave. A downtrodden and depressed Ted is coaxed into assisting Booster by Skeets as a reinvigorated Blue Beetle enters the fray. The duo must rescue the Justice League, who are imprisoned on the ship. Can Booster Gold and Blue Beetle save their friends in arms before the ship hits warp speed and heads back to space? If they are successful, will they be asked to join the League for their selfless and timely heroics?

When I saw Blue and Gold solicited, I immediately added it to my pull list. My friend P.J. and I have a fondness for Michael and Ted, and we can talk about them for hours. I really enjoyed the Booster Gold comic run pre-Flashpoint but this version of Booster isn’t the secret hero saving the DC timeline readers grew to love. This version of Booster is doing whatever he can to regain the limelight after some time away from heroics. When I last saw Ted Kord, he was a mentor to Jaime Reyes. He was featured in the last run of Suicide Squad, so I am not entirely sure where Ted has been and why he isn’t the cheerful hero we know. I may have to read that run to get caught up on that other Big Blue.

This was a fun read that sets up the Big Bad that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will have face off against later in the series. I’m going to have to re-read this issue to get the full scope of the comments the live viewers send during Booster Gold’s battle. I did notice Bibbo is one of the commenters as he says that Booster “is his second favrit superhero.” The issue ends with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle walking through the streets of New York with Skeets. This sequence is an homage to Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy. How appropriate – two friends larger than life walking through a sea of people trying to figure out their next move. Two people, so different from one another, that are part of an unlikely friendship that will no doubt stand the test of time.

I’m give this issue three out of five Booster Gold goggles. After teasing their return as a team in Heroes in Crisis, this bombastic bwahahaha bromance is back! Booster Gold and Blue Beetle bring out the best in each other and they are definitely going to be outmatched against the antagonist teased at the end of the story. Failure is not an option because it will lead to their deaths. They were just reunited and that possibly can’t happen, right? RIGHT?

Next Issue – There is no solicitation available for Blue and Gold #2 at this time. It will be hitting stores on Tuesday, August 17.