‘Mad God’ trailer promises Surreal Violence, Mayhem, and Stop-Motion

Veteran visual effects artist and stop-motion filmmaker, Phil Tippett today released a teaser for his latest project, Mad God. This Kickstarter-backed film takes place in a “Miltonesque world of monsters, mad scientists, and war pigs”. It looks like a nightmarish descent into Hell, visually influenced by Hellraiser, Dante’s Inferno, Lovecraftian literature, and animator Jan Svankmajer.

Mad God is a passion project 30 years in the making for Tippett, who began production during a brief hiatus following his work on Robocop 2. After a brief production period, the film remained in suspended animation due to Tippet’s increased workload on projects like Jurassic Park, Starship Troopers, and several other high-profile Hollywood projects. As such, Mad God remained frozen in time until curious minds at Tippett Studios implored the stop-motion craftsman about working on his unfinished project. This handcrafted, intricate stop-motion animation was brought to life by a crew of volunteers, long weekend-hours, and a three-part Kickstarter campaign.

Mad God makes its international premiere at Locarno Film Festival and its North American premiere at Fantasia Fest 2021.