‘American Horror Story’ Teaser Offers ‘Double Feature’ From FX and Ryan Murphy

As American Horror Story enters its first decade of television, you have to give it credit: it is always game to self-destruct and reboot itself. Doesn’t matter if it is a season, mid-season, or even mid-episode, American Horror Story is gonna American Horror Story.

At long last, though it seems Ryan Murphy and his co-producers recognize that the show’s inherent vapidness, batshit crazy melodrama, and pop aesthetic are better suited to a more traditional episode-to-episode or half-season anthology format. In a show where only the moment-to-moment cheap thrills matter, it is refreshing to see franchise’s latest offerings be smaller helpings of schlock.

This past month Hulu on FX premiered American Horror Stories while today, American Horror Story: Double Feature released a teaser poster and promo, courtesy of FX and Ryan Murphy. The new season of the AHS mothership features two dual stories: Red Tide and Death Valley.

It is slightly refreshing to see television continue to evolve its narrative approach in storytelling, especially in a pop culture institution like American Horror Story. Say what you will, but it seems to be taking a page from season two of The Girlfriend Experience, where we essentially get two distinct narrative arcs. Variety is the spice of life. And we best get used to it, as the show is greenlit through at least Season 13. Let’s face it, AHS will probably age into its own pop-goth Saturday Night Live, dredging along as the decades pass by.