Werewolf Incognito (#158) – Sign-Ups

The Avocado Werewolf community, despite the murderous concept, is a friendly and welcoming one. Some folks pass through for a game or two, others sign up for everything. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well.

Or have we?

This game is designed to challenge the meta of assuming known behavior from previous games.

For this game, you will be required to create a new, dummy Disqus account so that nobody knows who anyone is. Wolves will be required to create a new QT account with an alias.

This means we can’t use a regular sign-up thread, since that gives the identities of the players away. So …

Do not use this thread to sign up.

If you want to play, notify me by doing ONE of the following:

  • If you played in one of my previous games, send me a message in the QT I created for you.
  • Or, if you are on the Avocado WW Slack, send me a private message.
  • Or, tag me in Disqus by going to one of your old comments and replying to yourself with a message that includes @goatfuldead:disqus (preferably not in a different WW thread, since players get email notifications for those).

The actual game setup will be pretty straightforward, standard roles and only one special event.

If I get enough interest to run the game, it will start on Monday at the earliest.