Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Godspeed, John Diggle

Howdy all! Sparse week in the Arrowverse this time around. Batwoman has wrapped for the season, Superman & Lois is still on its mini-hiatus, Legends of Tomorrow took American Independence Day off, and Supergirl still won’t be back till … August? I think it’s August.

That leaves just The Flash to entertain us this week. And since this is their landmark 149th episode, I’m sure they’re pulling out all the stops this week, not saving a thing for Episode 150 next week. Right?

The Flash 7×16: “P.O.W.”

Lot of stuff happened off-camera this episode, huh?

There’s a Godspeed war raging through Central City, dozens of speedsters battling at once, causing all sorts of havoc, terrorizing people in their homes, putting everyone in jeopardy.

A single Godspeed seizing a pedestrian by the throat is all we see of it.

Esperanza decides to risk her newly-saved life by fighting a bunch of former Black Hole goons who are carrying on that organizations shady work.

We don’t catch up with her till the battle’s over.

It turns out Iris being under the weather lately hasn’t been due to morning sickness, Covid-19, or the old fashioned flu, but instead a case of Billy Pilgrim-itis, bopping randomly around the timestream, and only intervention from the Still Force (a.k.a. Deon) can save her.

Iris and Deon tell us all this, but hell if we get to see it.

Throw in the “what’s up with John Diggle?” mystery getting its resolution delayed until (presumably) his Supergirl appearance later this year, and you’ve got an episode that’s about a lot of exciting stuff that we never get to see.

Look, I get it. Between budget constraints, Covid protocols, and actor availability, it probably wasn’t practical to show us all that stuff. But, like, don’t advertise a trip to the fireworks factory if no one’s ever going to get there. Especially in a story like this, where the plot revolves around a lot of vague, metaphysical gobbledygook. Without getting a more visceral demonstration of stuff like slipping through time or a Godspeed war, it can be hard to get invested.

Still, we got the return of Nora From The Future (a.k.a. Best Nora). And she brought a playmate! So not all bad.

Plus, I’ll admit: “Nanites, courtesy of Ray Palmer” gave more of a jolt to my brain’s nostalgia centers than I was expecting.

Question of the Week: What piece of time travel mumbo jumbo on these shows has made the least amount of sense?