2002 Throwback Character Battle, Quarterfinals

Here we are at the 2002 Throwback Character Battle Quarterfinals, the tournament that takes the setup from the original GameFAQs character battle exactly.

  • Samus Aran gained the most votes, demolishing Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Sephiroth gained the least votes, in a tough battle against classic character Mega Man.
  • The character with the most votes to still lose is Kirby. I expect the choice between Kirby and Link was difficult for many.
  • The character with the least votes to still win was Pikachu, in a cute-off against Tails.

Here’s how we currently differ from the GameFAQs choices:

  • We have Pikachu in the place where they have Cloud, a reflection of how GameFAQs’ intense devotion to Final Fantasy VII was out of proportion to its actual popularity.
  • We have Q*Bert instead of Crono which I will continue to not understand.
  • We have Pac-Man instead of Scorpion. Y’all like some arcade throwbacks – although I guess Scorpion also counts as an arcade throwback these days.
  • We have Mega Man instead of Sephiroth. See above note about FFVII.