The Staycation Day Thread

Happy Day Thread, ‘Cadians! As you doubtless guessed, I, Lynn McKenzie, am in the middle of a Staycation. Why? Because my spouse is away at Scout camp for a week, and I have no desire to risk infecting myself by going somewhere. Besides, I prefer traveling with him to going solo.

I have put the dogs in the kennel for the week to give myself a break. This isn’t cruel as it’s a rather expensive place which they love. I’m dividing the week into two parts: chores and relaxation.1 I have a schedule for each day, cleaning a different room. I’m so glad we moved to a condo from a townhouse; I might actually get this place really clean. I also had a dermatologist appointment this morning, and tonight and Friday night I’m dining out with my mother-in-law. Plus, I’m taking her to a department store tomorrow, which I hadn’t really planned on; but I love her, so I’ll endure it. It isn’t too bad. She’ll pay for any clothing I might want.2

Afternoons are going to be my relaxing time. I just renewed my Disney+ subscription. I watched Hamilton for the Fourth of July, and am working my way through WandaVision and a few episodes of The Muppet Show. I also hope to rewatch The Rocketeer and maybe a couple of other favorites. I’ll probably dig out my copy of Eyes Wide Shut, too, since I never feel comfortable watching that with my spouse around. I would go to the movies now that I’m vaccinated, but honestly, there isn’t anything out I’m really interested in.

When I’m not seeing films, I may go to the pool (I always tell myself that, but then I put on my suit and look in the mirror and change my mind), or read, or walk (either the treadmill or outside, weather depending), or just loaf. I do plan on Thursday to bake a cherry pie and take it up to Scout camp for my spouse. This is becoming a tradition. (“Why don’t you go to Scout camp, too?” I hear you ask. Um, because sunburn and bug bites and sleeping on hard cots is not my idea of a great time. At least, not for an entire week.)

Not an exciting list of things, I know. But I’m enjoying the down time away from my job. Hope you are all enjoying your summer (or winter, for you ‘Cados Down Under)!