Resolution Time – The Goals + Progress Thread

There’s a good chance I won’t be around to see this post published, but just in case anyone is using this thread to track progress, I’m scheduling this as the last Goals + Progress Thread I’m likely to be able to write. I could be wrong about that, but OTOH if this thread *is* useful in any way it would be great if someone else wanted to take it over.

My hope with this thread was to try to create a similar community to one I’d found on Tumblr many years ago where people supported each others’ efforts to do something, whether it was quitting smoking, eating better, drinking less, running an extra kilometre, reading more books, taking up a new hobby, changing careers, making an appointment with a therapist, or just getting dressed in the morning. I thought particularly after a year of lockdown we could all use a helping hand.

Turns out the Avocado is very much not Tumblr, but it’s still a great community. So, once more with feeling:

Are you trying to find your motivation after a year or more of lockdown? Did you run a new PB and want to brag about it? Did you hit all your macros in your nutrition plan, or are you hoping to do so soon? Has alcohol become too much of a close friend while you couldn’t see your human ones? Did you conquer an old fear, apply for a new job, or just muster up the strength to get out of bed this morning?

This thread is to encourage, celebrate, and support all that. It’s for people who want to do better, whatever that means for them, and for people who need a friendly ear when they can’t quite do better today.

All the usual Avocado rules apply: don’t be a bigot, don’t be mean, don’t threaten public figures or anyone else. For this thread I would also like to say do NOT post pro-ana or anything else advocating dangerously unhealthy habits, and be liberal with your CWs and TWs – you never know who might be reading.

What’s your resolution for today?