2002 Throwback Character Battle, Round 4

Welcome back to the character tournament that began with the exact same characters and seeds as the first GameFAQs video game character tournament in 2002.

  • The character with the most votes was Mega Man, who went up against the character who ended up with the least votes, Mr. Driller. Mr. Driller hasn’t been a relevant character for a very long time, although that doesn’t explain why Q*Bert is still here.
  • The character with the least votes to win was Solid Snake, in a tight battle against Knuckles. Sources report that, upon learning of his loss, Knuckles did not chuckle.
  • The character with the most votes to lose was Crash Bandicoot, locked in a mid-90s Playstation battle with Sephiroth.

Here’s where we currently differ from the GameFAQs choices:

  • We chose Tails over Alucard in the first round. Both Tails in our tournament and Alucard in theirs won easily against Duke Nukem.
  • We chose Pikachu over Cloud. Cloud was a massively popular character at GameFAQs in the early 00s, even though in this first tournament he would be defeated by Mario before going on to the finals.
  • We chose Q*Bert over Crono, and I know that Crono is kind of a non-entity as a character, but I seriously do not understand.
  • We chose Kirby over Bomberman. In the GameFAQs tournament, Kirby was eliminated in the first round by Jill Valentine.