The Thursday Politics Thread Checks In

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

Just gonna check in on a couple of stories today.

So, in insurrection news it would appear that yes the insurrection was in fact fueled by supporters of Donald Trump! I know this is shocking, but yes. Tucky Tum Tums over on Fox News appears to be fueling questions over who started the riot and Fox really should be stopping him but, hey they got to maintain their viewership somehow. What are they gonna do? Not spout dog whistle-y rhetoric that spurs their audience to violence against their own government for fun and profit? Trump supporters were encouraged to come out to a rally by fiery social media posts from the Ex-President and were whipped into a frenzy. Republican Members of Congress gave tours to key players in the insurrection literally the day before. It. Happened. It didn’t go how they wanted it to go and the organizers need to be identified and punished. Take a number and jog on.

500 Hong Kong police officers have raided a pro-democracy newspaper. The paper’s editor, Ryan Law, two other executives and the CEO of Next Digital were among those arrested. The Apple Daily has been a target of the Chinese government before, having arrested founder Jimmy Lai and other executives in 2020. This time, citing concerns that the paper has published articles that “potentially” violate the National Security Law. The National Security Law was adopted in June of 2020 and is described as having very broad definitions for sedition and terrorism and mandates extremely harsh sentences such as life imprisonment. The suffocation of democracy in Hong Kong is something we must remain vigilant about. It’s unfortunate but there are people in this country who are not looking in horror at what is happening; they’re taking notes.

Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi, an ally of Supreme Leader Khamenei, is poised to win Iran’s Presidential election. Turnout is expected to be low, around 42% according to some poll watchers. This is likely due to Iran’s Guardian Council formally disqualifying many Reformist politicians such as parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani, from proceeding further in the race. The least hardline candidate still in the race, Abdolnaser Hemmati, has been having trouble attracting attention from voter who aren’t just disillusioned with the system, but even with reformer politicians. Iranians are critical of outgoing President Hassan Rouhani’s tenure, feeling burned that he failed to implement many of his reform policies. And so, all the levers of powers in Iran are poised to once again be under conservative control.

What’s happening in the New York City Mayoral race?

Ah. I see.

Well! Good luck with your election, NYC!

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