Weekly Wrestling Thread Is Waxed ‘N Vacced

-Lio Rush retiring through health concerns following joker spot at Double Or Nothing
-Andrade shows up, as does Mark Henry
-B/R Live being discontinued, merging into Bleacher Report App starting June 30th
-Jericho Cruise floating out again in october, which means were getting sea bound Dynamite I guess

-Poppy released new music for NXT, hugged Dexter Lumis
-Million Dollar Championship returning kinda
-Total Bella’s over through concerns of a 1 year old child and Daniel Bryan it seems
-WWE Abandons ‘The Collective’ Trademark Following Denied Application

-NWA all woman PPV produced by Mickie James set for 28th august. 75th year anniversary set for the 29th
-Kylie Rae signed with NWA made debut at last PPV
-Matt Cardonia, the former Zack Ryder, punks out GCW audince by acting like Moxely and attacking Nick Gage at GCW’s Zombie Walk
-GCW getting sued for 💲500.000 by IWTV/IndependentWrestling.TV for breach of contract for no longer broadcasting on their services.