Couch Avocados: TV Discussion Thread

Welcome to the weekly TV thread! As I’ve long said going back to the earliest days online doing this, one cannot live on anime alone. And compared to twenty years ago, there’s so much more content out there now and so much more to talk about. This coming week of new shows brings us to the latest week of regular TV and a number of premieres. I look forward to getting way too many suggestions about good shows to check out!

Optional discussion topic: What films would complement a showing of In The Heights?

Coming this week: There are a lot of shows that have their premieres over the next week. What are you excited about?

Alan Saldana: Locked Up (Netflix)
Camelia Sisters (Netflix)

Fire Masters Season Finale (Cooking)
Infinite (Paramount+)
Lethal Love Letter (LMN)
Locombianos (Netflix)

Manifest Season Finale (NBC)
Moloch (Sundance Now)
Myriam Fares: The Journey (Netflix)
Reunion Road Trip Series Premiere (E!)
Summertime Season Two Premiere (Netflix)
The Cube Series Premiere (TBS)
The Greatest Race (Peacok)
Trese Series Premiere (Netflix)
Trolls: Trolltopia Season Three Premiere (Hulu)
Weekend Getaway with Michelle Buteau Series Premiere (Discovery+)
Younger Series Finale

FRIDAY, JUNE 11TH, 2021:
Betty Season Premiere (HBO)Big Shot Season One Finale (Disney+)
Clarkson’s Farm Series Premiere (Amazon)
Flack Season Two Premiere (Amazon)

Home Before Dark Season Two Premiere (Apple TV+)
Human: The World Within Series Premiere (Netflix)
In The Heights (HBO Max)
Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) (Netflix)
Love, Victor Season Two Premiere (Hulu)
Lupin Season One Part Two (Netflix)
Shock Docs: The Devil Made Me Do It (Discovery+)
Skater Girl (Netflix)
Sweet & Sour (Netflix)
The Devil Made Me Do It (Discovery+)
Timewasters Series Premiere (IMDb TV)

Trese (Netflix)
Trippin’ With The Kandasamys (Netflix)
Wish Dragon (Netflix)
Zenimation Season Two Premiere (Disney+)

Baker’s Son (Hallmark)
Danger Force Season Premiere (Nickelodoen)
Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story (Lifetime)
Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan (Nickelodeon)

SUNDAY, JUNE 13TH, 2021:
Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Cold Feet And A Cold Case (HMM)
Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Bob Crane (Reelz)
Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Sonny Bon (Reelz)
Blindspotting Series Premiere (Starz)
Murder Nation Series Premiere (HLN)

90 Day Diaries Series Premiere (Discovery+)
Secrets Of A Gold Digger Killer (Lifetime)
The Devil Below (Netflix)
The Perfect Wedding Match (Up)
Tuca & Bertie Season Premiere (Adult Swim)

MONDAY, JUNE 14TH, 2021:
BBQ Brawl Season Premiere (Food)
Elite Short Stories: Guzman Caye Rebe Series Premiere (Netflix)
Rūrangi Series Premiere (The Yellow Affair) (Hulu)
The Celebrity Dating Game Series Premiere (ABC)
The Republic Of Sarah Series Premiere (The CW)

Beyond Evil Series Premiere (Netflix)

Elite Short Stories: Nadia Guzman (Netflix)
Headspace: Unwind Your Mind (Netflix)
Let’s Eat Series Premiere (Netflix)
Rhyme Time Town Season Two Premiere (Netflix)

Rogie Warfare: Death Of A Nation (Netflix)
Turncoat Series Premiere (MHz Choice)
Workin’ Moms Season Five Premiere (Netlfix)

Dave Season Two Premiere (FXX)
The House My Wedding Bought Series Premiere (Discovery+)
Two Steps Home Series Premiere (HGTV)