The Thursday Politics Thread Fails To Relay Intelligence

Mornin’ Politiocadoes!

The Senate report on the January 6th Insurrection concluded that Capitol Police failed to relay key intelligence from social media about plots to take the Capitol, which included very specific calls for violence and maps of the tunnel systems which Congress uses. The US Capitol Police Intelligence Division had been gathering Information like this since early December and it was not relayed to the FBI, Homeland Security, Justice, or Defense. DHS and FBI did not issue formal intelligence bulletins about potential violence to law enforcement. DoD was the chief agency in planning security and had *no plan* in place and did not coordinate a response during the attack. Also, many of these agencies failed to fully comply with information about that day. Much of this we already knew, but now we have a 127 page report that also doesn’t go into the origins of the attacks or whomst may have instigated the riot in the first place.

Next steps appear to be for House Speaker Pelosi to establish a Select Committee since the Commission has failed. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Part of why we haven’t been able to fully reckon with what happened is because of what I mention earlier; agencies not complying. These agencies did not fully comply. Is it because of some kind of “TRuMp dEeP sTatE”? There’s definitely hangers-on, sure. Heck, the Interior Inspector General who released that report on Trump’s Bible Walk and Gas, was appointed by him. But we’ll never really know unless we get that Commission just how many true believers he had across the government. We will never really know if the intelligence failures were just that, failures, and not something more insidious. I think there’s just a general reluctance in bureaucracy to own your mis-steps when your fuck-up is this bad.

I think about what’s happening at DoJ right now and I’m wondering how much they just won’t bother with investigating, because of how bad it makes the institution look. Like sure, Giuliani got raided by the FBI, he’s probably in some hot water, but how committed is it to seeing how their own institution failed? I just don’t think they really want to know. And maybe that’s why Justice is currently defending Trump’s defamation lawsuit, and will defend private schools’ against Ant-LGBT discrimination bills because an abrupt about face on stupid, corrupt or hateful positions held by the previous administration is somehow partisan?

Aung San Suu Kyi is currently on trial by the military junta in Myanmar. A result of a coup that one of Trump’s biggest defenders, Gen. Michael Flynn approved of and said should be emulated here. She’s facing charges of breaking the State Secrets act and “illegal possession of walkie-talkies and radios”. Democracy is incredibly fragile and if we don’t hold these people to account, and hold our own institutions to account, how can we hope to prevent this from happening? 1/6 was a close call. Way too close.

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