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Today’s Discussion – Loki, the God of Mischief

The latest Marvel/Disney Plus show is dropping tomorrow and it features everyone’s favorite trickster god Loki played by the charismatic Tom Hiddleston.

I am posting the Comic Book Chat a day earlier this week to discuss Loki and his place in the Marvel Universe. He loves to cause his adopted brother Thor trouble but he has also ruffled the feathers of other heroes and villains in comics and movies. He went toe to toe with Doctor Strange to determine the one true Sorcerer Supreme, for example, during Marvel Legacy.

Tell us your favorite comic stories and crossovers featuring Loki. I’m sure there will be a keen interest in his four color (mis)adventures once you finish the show. Trials Of Loki Marvel Tales #1 was released last week and is worth checking out.

Do you prefer Loki as a hero or a villain? He has recently been trying to make amends for his past misdeeds but some can’t trust his turn to the side of angels.

What are your hopes for the Disney Plus show? Do you think Loki will return to the big screen? Will he get his last laugh on Hulk?

Feel free to add your own discussion questions in the comment section below. I love getting the conversation started and we have a good group to throw out some thought provoking questions.

Finally, if Tom Hiddleston wasn’t cast as Loki, who do you think could have filled the horned helmet in his stead?

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