American Dad S18 Ep8 “Dancin’ a-with My Cell”

In which Stan remakes his family in his image.

Stan is frustrated with his family due to their various, as he perceives them, failings as a family. When they’re unable to complete the task of preparing for the Langley Falls Bed race, he takes a visit to the CIA lab, where he discovers that they have been making headway with a device that overwrites DNA (increasing the size of vegetables and turning Jackson into a mini Woolly Mammoth) Stan decides to use the device on his family. He eventually turns them all into versions of himself (complete with giant chins).

However, things go awry when he discovers that they’re all jerks. Things get worse after Stan realizes that they’re overwriting the DNA of everyone in town to become like Stan. In order to stop them, he overwrites their DNA with the polar opposite of Stan, Tuttle. He’s able to get mosquitos to bite everyone and return them to normal. Then comes the heartwarming moment where Stan learns to love his family (for this week).

Meanwhile, Roger, Jeff and Principal Lewis travel to Vermont to ski but the three are stranded after Roger causes Jeff to crash his car.

The three manage to get the car on skis which allows it to ski down the mountain but without any of the three in the car. Eventually Roger causes an avalanche, where they’re buried and almost rescued but it’s lunchtime.

Stray Observations

  • The Lab Tech, played by Producer Matt Weitzman, makes an appearance. His counterpart does not because he was played by former Producer Mike Barker.
  • Francine is unsure if Haley is really Stan’s which is a callback to “The Kidney Stays in the Picture” where the two travel back in time to find the guy who may be Haley’s father
  • Spotted in the bed races: Billy, Dr. Kalgary, James A. Garfield, Hiko Yoshida, Toshi Yoshida, Connie & Ted Robinson, Danny, Sharri Rothberg, and Captain Monty. A lot of those characters have not made official voice appearances recently, such as the Yoshidas.
  • Stan enjoys Married… with Children. *Flushes*

Solid episode. Some standout moments when everyone is singing Good Morning USA and crashing into the flag pole.