Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (6/8)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on The Avocado to discuss film? Have you seen anything new? Anything classic? Recommendations? Come and discuss theme here in the comments section!

This month we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark!

One of Stephen Spielberg’s first movies is arguably his best. There was some anticipation for Indiana Jones, but it was a totally new property and not as highly anticipated as, say, Superman II. So it actually took some people by surprise when the film caught on with audiences and was the highest grossing film of 1981. Raiders brought back and updated that fun sense of swashbuckling adventure that had fallen somewhat out of vogue in cinema.

If there is but one word to describe Raiders of the Lost Ark, it’s “timeless”. I know the film was made in the early 80’s… but it doesn’t feel like it. It could belong to any era. It’s not tied down to fleeting trends or outdated special effects. If anything, this film was the trendsetter. Raiders is its own thing, as fresh watching it today as it was 40 years ago.

Today’s bonus prompt: what films would you say are “timeless”?

Next week: dark comedies