30 Day Film Challenge Reboot Day 7: All the Feels

Welcome to the second edition of the 30 Day Film Challenge!

I’ve been watching films for a long time – including traditionally “sad” films – and they never used to get me very emotional. Then a strange thing happened as I got older…I have become a sobber. Most of us can point to specific types of scenes that will set us off. For me, it seems to be less likely the traditionally tragic scenes and more likely to be extreme acts of kindness or self-sacrifice. If that act is performed by a non-human, I become a puddle of tears.

So the film that I chose for this prompt is Batteries Not Included. The film is about a pair of flying saucers who visit Earth and encounter a group of humans. The aliens and humans both experience respective struggles, and help each other throughout the film in very touching ways. That is, until one scene where it appears the aliens abandon the humans in their most desperate time of need. This ends up being a huge misdirection, as the aliens return in a big way. There are a few tearjerking scenes for me throughout the film but this one in particular – which I’ll try not to spoil, but posted below especially for those who have seen the film – is just done so well in terms of the timing of the aliens appearing on screen, the swelling of the score, and geez is someone chopping onions in here?

Prompt: Which film or scene is most likely to get you sobbing?