Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom, the Occasional Education Thread: This is the End

Hi everyone.  Welcome to the occasional education thread!  This is a space for anyone interested in discussing the topic of education (particularly K-12, but whatevs) in whatever parts of the world we hail from.  Particularly, we’d like to give various stakeholders in education a chance to speak to the issues of the day.  (Parents, students, educators)  But even if you’re not in school or personally connected with schools at the moment, be welcome!

We are just about at the end of our school year from Hell. As parents, as educators, as students, many of us have had an extremely hard time of it this year: Difficulty with self-motivation, difficulty with the logistics of kids staying at home, difficulty with limited student interaction.

But I’m a teacher, and I think it’s worth noting that not everyone had a crappy year. I had a lot of students who thrived with online education. Some even better than normal years. Bullying is still a thing, but some kids who were targets in the building found safety in working from home. I don’t think I know any teachers who feel like this year was anything other than a dumpster fire overall, but we should remember that it wasn’t all bad for all students.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts on the end of the year, and how the year as a whole went, but I’ll save it for the comments. Meanwhile, how are y’all feeling as we wrap up the year? ARE we wrapping up the year? Do any of you live in countries or districts that go year-round? I’d love to hear from some non-Americados on this topic!