Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Slim Pickin’s This Week

This past Monday was Memorial Day in the United States. That means a lot of people were vacationing over the week, and most television shows took a break from airing new episodes until people got back home and weren’t so busy. Hence the only Arrowverse show this week being Superman & Lois, which (thanks to Covid) has already taken as much of a hiatus as it can afford.

Was anyone else taken aback by John Henry Irons being allowed to ride off free at the end of the episode? I mean, remember early in the season, when he had his ship dive bomb a city just to distract Superman?

Sure, he did so knowing Superman would stop the ship and no one would be hurt. Except, his whole mission till now was based on believing Superman was secretly evil. If he’d been right, and Supes had chosen that exact moment to stop caring about people … boy, would there be egg on his face.

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite instance of a character singing in the Arrowverse?