Sailor Moon Eternal, Part 1 & 2


Anime fans of a certain age may remember the pain and agony of finding out the weird show with teenage girls fighting evil in short skirts was A: longer than we realized, B: mostly untranslated, and C: had a longer history than we knew. Or maybe that was just me in the 90’s when I discovered Sailor Moon, and the internet, at roughly the same time.

Nonetheless, over twenty years and several iterations later, those of us who loved the manga have been both blessed and cursed by Crystal. Blessed, because finally, an actual attempt to translate the manga story to animation! Cursed, because….seriously, fandom, can we not have nice things without people complaining about art styles and plot differences and just….being super stupid about this awesome thing? New (old) Sailor Moon! New merchandise! KOTONO MITSUISHI CAME BACK TO VOICE USAGI! Stop hashing the mellow, people!

Anyway, the two Eternal movies are up on Netflix now, so why not discuss them here? And the rest of Crystal if you want, let’s go nuts! Suggested topic: best art style of the new anime – first season, second, third, or Eternal?

(Also, do I really have to say spoilers for something that’s, uh….over twenty years old?)