Marble Rally Season 5: Races 10 & 11

Got some signals crossed last week and the Marble Rally got lost in the shuffle! So here’s a double dose of marble action!

We are back on the sand today….errr last week I mean! A little windy as Greg tells us before the race starts. There’s a split in the early part of the course right as the marbles are coming out of the gate but almost the entire group seems to go the same course. Greg says there might have been an insect causing issues at the gate but I missed it. Anyways they are off and racing! Quicksilver is the early front runner of this race. A few lengths back is Superball, followed by Crazy Cat’s Eye, Black Knight and Slimer. Quicksilver holds that lead as they cross the first check point. Black Knight has fallen back a bit behind Summer Sky while Slimer has moved within four tenths of a second near Superball.

In a sudden move Superball comes around a corner that Quicksilver takes a littlSe too hard and pops up in the air as they hit the wall. Superball takes advantage and just like that has taken first place! A rock falls onto the course during this but it doesn’t seem to faze anyone. Superball and Quicksilver are keeping it tight but Superball is going to hold their own and finish ahead by just over half a second. Slimer, Summer Sky, and Ducktape will round out the top 5.

Superball’s finish allows them to vault from 7th place to 2nd in the overall standings. One point behind Ghost Plasma (who placed a shocking last place and got zero points) and one ahead of Cool Moody (also zero points, finishing in 16th). Slimer also jumps 5 spots into 5th (technically the same amount of points as Pollo Loco but Slimer’s silver medal plus bronze compared to PL’s bronze alone is the tiebreaker). Quicksilver also jumps 3 spots but is still in 13th overall. And hey, no DNFs here!

The penultimate race is here! Only one race remains before this season of Marble Rally is done. Nemo, Marbly McMarbleface, Cobra and Blazing Fireball are already eliminated for the season and now race for pride. A little less windy today but the sand is much drier.

Nemo is the first one to hold the lead but its brief. They drop into 3rd place with Ducktape and Cool Moody moving ahead. Everyone was hot out of the gate though so there’s very little separation early, Ducktape looks like they’re pulling up but Nemo and Cool Moody turn on the jets and get back in there. Nemo briefly retakes the lead. Slimer and Ghost Plasma are in the mix too but its back to Ducktape who builds out a respectable second and a half lead at the end of sector one.

Things take a shocking turn at the end of sector one as well though as a fan jumps onto the course ahead of the racers and begins running the course. Not sure if they came down off one of the overhangs or slid down a wall but they jumped out a few lengths ahead of Ducktape. The race officials ultimately decide no action is needed but the fan is quickly overtaken by the field. As we come to a winding set of turns Ducktape and Cool Moody literally push the smaller marble to the side and race by. Then Nemo gets stuck on a turn. They’re quickly popped free by the other racers but the lack of action by race officials has to be questioned here. Especially as other marbles get stuck, is this a result of distracted racers or just the dry course conditions? Feel free to discuss that.

Nemo’s predicament hasn’t hurt them too badly. They come out of that snake-like passage way still in 4th place behind Slimer and holding off Lollipop. Ducktape is still building their lead. Cool Moody is trying to make a push toward the end. As we look back further in the field the fan marble is still in there following along the course. Just before the end of sector 2 another incident as Summer Sky careens off the track and over the wall. Summer Sky is done!

Ducktape’s lead is now just over a full second ahead of Cool Moody. Slimer is two and a half seconds back while Lollipop and Nemo are trading 4th between one another sitting 3+ seconds back. There’s a speed boost to send the marbles into sector 3 but many fail to take advantage of it. Questionable choice in these dry conditions. Ducktape and Cool Moody both slow as they come to the final turn and Cool Moody closes the gap but then MISSES the speed boost towards the finish line. Ducktape is going to take the gold here! Cool Moody gets within a half-second but just can’t pull the trigger. Slimer, Ghost Plasma and Superball will round out the top 5 (I’m not fully clear on what happened to Lollipop and Nemo but they are 6th and 7th respectively).

Cool Moody is now your overall points leader heading into the final race. Ghost Plasma and Superball are just 3 and 5 points back respectively. Ducktape jumped up 4 spots to stake a claim to fourth place with Slimer and Red Number 3 the only other marbles that now have a shot at taking first for the season heading into next week’s final race. Lollipop and Dragon’s Egg can place on the podium but can’t take first.

How did you all enjoy your doubleheader of marble action? Let’s hear what you got to say!