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The Thursday Politics Thread Is On Vacation

Morning Politocadoes!

I am on vacation from any and all nonsense today. All week in fact. This is me right now.

So I’ll be brief and check in on a couple of things.

Ex President Trump appears to sabotaging the AZ Attorney General’s hopes of reclaiming an Arizona Senate seat from Sen. Mark Kelly. Mark Brnovich was one of the rare Republicans to come out against the former President’s claims of fraud and for that he must pay. Speaking from his prestigious blog, the man who lost to Joe Biden expressed his displeasure. Trump still has an 85% approval rating from AZ Republicans, so it seems the only test one must pass is the Trump Fealty test. I don’t think this wrecks the GOPs chances in the next cycle. If anything, it makes the choices all the more stark. Any candidates that win will be wannabes, conspiracy theorists, or sycophants to the ex-President.


Speaking of Conspiracy Theorists in power, top Democrats have discussed whether its possible for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to place a restraining order on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, discussing whether she has standing to do so. The Democratic leadership of the House has been exploring ways to punish Green for her conduct, from her aggressive stalking of AOC to her recent assertions that wearing a mask is akin to the Holocaust. Unfortunately, they aren’t sure how to do it without emboldening her or increasing her fundraising opportunities. Censure is on the table, but with the Republicans unwilling or unable to do anything other than issue the occasional sharp rebuke, the choices are limited. I’d say expulsion but I think we all know, even if the Dems had more seats, they wouldn’t go through with it. “Risk empowering them” and whatnot.


Oh and Ted Cruz swallowed a fly, I guess? I don’t know why he swallowed the fly. Heh, Toad Cruz. Too bad he’s so desperate to look hip he’ll try to lean into some 2016 Pepe memes.

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