It Came From the 80s Volume 6 Night Thread

Good evening and Happy Wednesday Night!

I’ve talked about my love of synthwave and how I listen to mixes of songs during the work day. I stumbled across this mix along time ago and I decided to share it with everyone. There are some pretty descent darkwave/horror synth mixes on Youtube and I’ll share a few at some point in future OTS.

When I listen to some of these songs, I picture some classic horror movies in my head and a few set pieces that come to mind. A dark and stormy night, walking by a graveyard as the dead begin to rise, as you try to run from them in the pouring rain.

Something to Discuss – Horror movies from 1981 are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. Tell us your favorite scary movie from 1981 in the comments.

Have a spooky evening. Whatever you do, don’t get out of bed to check to see what’s in your bedroom closet. It’s only shirts and pants, right?