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About That Insurrection – Wednesday Politics Thread

Following the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made her intentions very clear on finding the culprits who aided and abetted the insurrectionists. She has refused to do the politically expedient thing and look the other way, ignore the incident, or attempt to protect staff and members of Congress who might have had a hand in the attack.

Her objective is to unearth every root cause that lead to the attack that day and to make public the details of how it was organized, funded, as well as every name that aided and abetted insurrectionists, no matter what powerful seat or name they may be hiding behind.

The commission is set to have 11 members that would be appointed by congressional leaders and the White House. The four party leaders will get to appoint 2 members each, while the President will appoint 3 members; basically, Democrats will appoint 7 members and Republicans 4. And it will have subpoena power. On that, Nancy Pelosi would not budge.

The 9/11-style commission began with Nancy Pelosi’s official request, followed by each party appointing one of their own as representative that would negotiate on their leadership’s behalf on the expanse as well as the limitations of the events the commission will be allowed to investigate, the experts and witnesses to be interviewed, the power of subpoena, the hearings, the testimonies, as well as the deadline to submit the resulting report. These negotiations were then drafted into a legislation to be voted on, authorizing the commission. Reps. Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi) and John Katko (R-New York) were the chosen representatives negotiating on behalf of their respective parties’ leadership, and the deadline for filing the final commission’s report is set for the end of 2021.

And today is the day the January 6, 2021 Commission authorization will be voted on.

You may wonder why suddenly Republican leadership, who at first publicly supported the creation of the commission, are now doing a volte-face and promising to vote against it. Well, first of all Republicans; It is now steeped into their mission statement to be obstructionists. But also, Kevin McCarthy doesn’t want to testify under oath on his phone call to the Conman that fateful day. The one where he begged him to tell his mob to stand down; the very mob that was breaching the U.S. Capitol doors, beating and murdering officers, hunting down members of Congress to be taken hostage or lynched, all in the glory of his name. Even though McCarthy clearly condemned the Conman’s actions a week after the insurrection, accusing him of bearing responsibility for the mob’s attack and for refusing for hours on end to call off that mob, he does not want to get up there and officially tell, under oath, the exact words exchanged during that phone call.

And then, just like Lindsay Graham did that fateful day five years ago after clearly condemning Trump and warning his party against embracing his demagoguery, Kevin McCarthy spent the day with the Conman at his golfing club and came back with his mind changed.

The new version of events, as McCarthy stated them on Fox News Sunday, is that he called the Conman because the Conman did not know what was going on; “he didn’t see it” were his exact words on the mob attacking the U.S Capitol. And that turnabout is very problematic for Kevin McCarthy.

What’s important to note is that Liz Cheney has already strategically positioned herself in case her colleagues are proven to have a direct hand in aiding and abetting the insurrectionists, of purposely spreading the Conman’s Big Lie, and of maintaining contact with the Conman with the intention to push his insurrectionist agenda from the power of their seat in Congress. She wants McCarthy’s chair.

What’s also important from this point forward is to not allow Outrage Merchants to sell you on the lie that nothing is being done, and that nobody is being held accountable. Of course your system is slow, of course commissions take time, but if they didn’t, innocent people would be falsely accused of wrongdoing all the time. Just remember that these propagandists are betting on your ignorance on how commissions are conducted to sell you outrage, and to make you believe that the very Democrats who were under attack on January 6, 2021 – whose lives were put in danger that day, and who despite the attack forced every member of Congress to remain and do their job, certifying the electoral vote and ensuring that Democracy survives – are not interested in holding their peers accountable.

Please don’t get fooled by the same people always misleading you on everything; you’re financing their very comfortable lifestyle while they weaponize you against your own country. The last few years are proof just how fragile your democracy is. Promise to never take it for granted ever again!