Julia’s Birthday Thread! (5/17)

Yes, it’s my birthday. I’m 48. Yes, you need to get the hell off my lawn.

Like last year, I will sing the praises of Edward Jenner, who developed the smallpox vaccine, and was born on this day in 1749. (I was already a big fan of vaccines before, well, you know.) Other famous people born on this day include Sugar Ray Leonard, Bob Saget, Enya, and Trent Reznor. Also, CROG (who’s famous around here) and at least one other Avocado who I’m drawing a blank on. (Sorry.)

So Happy Birthday, all you May 17th babies!


The pandemic isn’t quite done with us yet, so keep wearing your mask indoors, wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, and if you haven’t been able to get vaccinated yet, please get it done as soon as you can. And, of course, post cat pictures and be excellent to each other.