Svengoolie Discussion Thread 5/15/2021: Fiend Without A Face

I’ll be honest: as prominent as the “no spoilers!” warning was in Sven’s ads, I’m not going to look up the plot description for this one. I’d like to go in blind. The blog post on his site even says the poster is a spoiler. I’ve included one of the posters, as usual, but I’ll hide it just in case.

Want to watch along with us? MeTV unfortunately doesn’t offer streaming, but depending on where you live you might be able to stream it via Locast, which offers free streaming of over-the-air channels in 30+ US media markets. The movie is also on YouTube, though since the copies there start with “Criterion Collection” cards they probably shouldn’t be there and I’ll skip embedding them this week. And, as always, if you get creative with Google who know what you’ll find? I suggest filtering for video results, and then adding the filter for “long” (20+ minutes) videos.

Enjoy the movie!