Marble League 2021

Marble League 2021 Practice Race

Marble League 2021 is around the corner, and today marks the first preseason event for Jelle’s Marble Runs’ premier event. Greg Woods opens with a few updates on participating teams heading into the new season:

  • The Bumblebees and Hornets are merging,
  • The Jawbreakers are retiring from competition,
  • The Gliding Glaciers are returning to replace the Jawbreakers, and
  • A new team will be announced to replace the Hornets after the merger.

This race pits representatives from all 28 current Marble League teams, with only the Gliding Glaciers and the new mystery team not participating. It makes for a crowded starting gate, and some exciting peloton action during the race itself.

Right from the jump, an insect on the starting gate appears to delay the break out of the starting gate. After a few sweeping turns, Yelley (Mellow Yellow) takes the lead. Just before the first sector ends, however, Indie (Indigo Stars) breaks through and takes the lead.

At the start of the second sector, Yelley and Indie volley the top spot back and forth, right up until a split in the track around the 1:30 mark. The higher line proves treacherous as Yelley falls off an overpass bridge onto the lower split. Moments later, a beetle on the track stops Yelley entirely, leading them to plummet down the standings.

Indie holds the lead until the end of the second sector… only for Rojo Uno (Rojo Rollers) to surpass them on the first turn of sector three! Once again, the two leaders jostle back and forth, each battling for that gold medal finish. As the third sector progresses, it becomes a two-marble race, with Bonbon (Chocolatiers) dropping from contention.

As the marbles reach the finish line, Indie separates and finishes over a second ahead of Rojo Uno. Momomomo (Team Momo) takes third place, with Bonbon just missing the podium. Yelley drops all the way to 26th.

Additional notes:

  • Surprised to see that all 28 marbles finished the race! I suppose the Marble League marbles’ smaller size helped in that regard — bigger marbles will have more momentum to throw them up the walls.
  • Red Eye (Crazy Cat’s Eyes) finishes in fifth place, a strong showing from Marbula One’s victor. As we head into Marble League, the host team is showing that their Marbula One gold was no fluke.
  • Insects? On the race course? We need either better security or a better safety team. Hopefully none of the participants were entomophobes.
  • Lots of fun to see every [returning] team represented. That includes some teams that haven’t seen competition in several years, such as the Shining Swarm and the departing Jawbreakers.
  • The newly announced team: The Solar Flares! Sharp looking marbles with the orange-and-blue color scheme.
  • Presentation notes: Love the moment at the end where the camera crosses the track. Using more movement like those would make Marble Rally and these other sand races more dynamic, and could help delineate the lead camera from the trailing camera.
Where's Roldo

No Roldo today.