Comic Book Review – Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25

Mile Morales: Spider-Man #25

Writer – Saladin Ahmed

Artist – Carmen Carnero

I walked over to the Geekadrome Saturday afternoon to look for books I missed on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was looking for Beta Ray Bill #2 but they didn’t have any on the comic rack. I decided to pick up Mile Morales: Spider-Man #25 because it is a milestone issue and it’s been awhile since I read the adventures of Brooklyn’s Spider-Man.

An impostor Spider-Man has been wreaking havoc in New York City and Mile Morales is blamed for the numerous crimes committed by this deceitful and devious Wall-Crawler. Ganke helps Miles figure out where the next location the doppelganger will strike next. Miles goes to a research lab and discovers he is too late. He’s about to leave when he is met with a kick to face by Peter Parker, Spider-Man. The two heroes engage in a fight until Miles shares a story only he and Peter know about to prove he is the real deal. Cooler heads prevail and the two men go after their target. The clone of Miles gets the drop on Miles and Peter and the two are able to trap the evil Miles in webbing. The clone then escapes after bursting into a multicolor cloud of dust. Miles goes after the clone and finds more than he bargained for as the issue ends on a surprising cliffhanger.

Comic lovers heard the news about the updated Clone Saga earlier in the year and we had a good laugh at this upcoming event. The original Clone Saga in the 1990s was met with much derision that we wondered why Marvel Comics would take another chance with this rehashed storyline. After reading this issue, the gamble has paid off so far. Miles is at a crossroads in his life, especially with his friends and family. He has endured recent tragedies in his life but he doesn’t have a chance to catch his breath as he must clear his name and fix his reputation as a hero after his clone causes trouble and the news hits the local media outlets. I enjoyed Carnero’s designs of the Spider-Clones and they are more diverse, odd, and scarier than the original ones. One seems to have the powers of villains in the Sinister Six, while another is a literal Man-Spider. Will there be other clones? We shall see over the course of the next few issues.

This is a great jumping on point if you haven’t been keeping up on the adventures of Miles Morales. This issue gets 4 Spider-Tracers of out of 5. Marvel has a chance to redeem the Clone Saga for those that remember the debacle all those years ago. Ahmed has already upped the ante and needs to keep his foot on the accelerator and stick the landing. In addition to the main story, there is a back-up story that introduces a new villain into Miles’ rogue’s gallery. It was short but sweet. This is one you should pick up if you missed it on New Comic Book Day.

Next Issue – THE CLONE SAGA CONTINUES! Two Spider-Men find themselves face to face with the three terrifying clones. Peter thought he knew what to expect out of a Clone Saga, but this one throws him for a loop and Miles into the deep end of the ocean. Miles tries to keep his Spider-Side away from the rest of his life but this time he’s got no say in the matter. In Stores May 26, 2021.