Weekly Games Thread is a Teachable Moment

Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to our first Weekly Video Games Thread of the week! Our prompt today: the real world skills we learned from video games.

You can see Grand Theft Auto IV as the header image, and while I enjoyed it just fine, it was what I learned from it that was most helpful. Specifically, playing it helped me learn how to parallel park when I was learning how to drive. Providing a way for me to see the car, the generally more realistic movement, and the generous (in this situation) approach of people to react to you hitting another car made it easy for me to learn. After a little bit of trying it, making a K-turn at the DMV was a hell of a lot easier.

Sure, it wasn’t barreling down the streets of Liberty City like the developers expected me to do, but I can probably always count on those skills… even if I loathe parallel parking and refuse to do it if I can.

What about you? Do you have stories of your own about things in video games teaching you or helping you outside the game itself? And what have you been playing since the last thread?