Marvel Studios Unfolds Phase Four Plans

Marvel Studios previously brought out a lot of details regarding their Phase 4 plans, which have all been pushed back because of the pandemic to varying degrees. 2021 will see four films coming out including the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man: No Way Home film.

A lot of movie theaters are placing big hopes on Marvel films to get people back into seats and they have new films coming out in July, September, November, and December 2021.

To get people excited and remind them of the communal aspect of theater-going, Marvel has a new four-minute piece celebrating the past with their films and then going all-in on the new films, with teases for The Eternals for the first time and giving us a date for the third Guardians of the Galaxy Film while also naming the Black Panther and Captain Marvel sequels with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and The Marvels respectively.

Check out their push below and sound off on whether it works for you, the new dates, the new titles, and the new footage!