The Thursday Politics Thread Raids Giuliani’s Apartment

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

Without any prior heads-up given to the White House, the apartment of “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani was raided by the FBI. The fact that the White House was not aware is an encouraging sign that the DOJ is once again largely independent of the Executive Branch. The raid came away with computers and phones continuing the FBI’s investigation into Giuliani’s Ukraine dealings, and likely Ex-President Trump’s attempts to make a scandal in Ukraine for Biden. Search warrants executed against the lawyer of a former President are rare, but then we’ve never quite had an administration like the last one.

The warrants indicated that investigators were looking for communications between Giuliani, former Ukraniain President, Petro Poroshenko, and two former prosecutors and their attempts to gin up a Ukraine scandal involving Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The aim of the investigation appears to be whether Giuliani illegally lobbied the Trump administration on behalf of former Ukrainian officials and oligarchs who aided in the dirt-digging campaign against the Bidens.

Another search warrant served the same day went to Victoria Toensing, former lawyer for Dimitry Firtash, and wife to Joe DiGenova, a lawyer often seen on Fox News. Toensing was not aware of the search warrant prior to the investigators arrival and had to surrender a cell phone that was in use at the time. Toensing, also had meetings with Yuriy Lutsenko, another former official whom was helping in Giuliani’s dirt-digging campaign and was supposed to meet with him in Kyiv in 2019, but was canceled amidst criticism.


President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. delivered a speech to mark his first 100 days as President to a joint session of Congress. Behind him sat his Vice President, Kamala Harris and Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi. It is the first time in US history that two women held those positions. The speech was wide-ranging, citing the work this administration has done, and the work it would very much like to do in the future. Biden’s plans are ambitious, expanding health care, raising taxes on the 1%, making pre-school and community college free, gun reforms, and police reforms. He also called out White Supremacist terrorism for the clear and present danger that it is. What undergirded it all is a fundamental appeal to kindness and empathy.

Whether he reached any of his Republican colleagues, well, who’s to say. That whole party is the epitome of the “one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel” metaphor. But it’s also not possible to move forward without at least trying. And I think that’s what Biden means when he calls for unity. Not that we have to listen to the other side, the other side has to listen to us, acknowledge problems exist and try to come up with solutions. The thing is, though, that Republicans solutions are always, at best, do nothing and give more money to the wealthy, or at worst, punch down hard on the poors and/or the disenfranchised. We just have to try. Everyone has to do their part, Biden says. I fear he will end up disappointed.

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