Mother, May I Sleep with an AI? An AI creates Lifetime movies

A while back I used a Neural Network to create some anime, the results were, um, interesting so I decided to do a similar exercise with everyone’s favorite movie channel: Lifetime. Will the movies be wackier to what that channel has to offer? Hopefully and for any Lifetime execs reading this, please give us credit when you option any of these.

How do we go about this?

The first thing we need to do is collect the data, for this I used the information from The Movie Database, who have user curated data, information from a lot of movies and, the most important thing for this exercise, a really great and easy to use API.

Thanks for your help in this incredibly dumb exercise, TMBD!

I got a list of all the Lifetime movies from wikipedia and the lifetime movie channel website, I assigned it to a set to remove duplicates and then I looped thru them while querying TMDB to get the info. Script is fairly simple:

import json
import requests

movies = list(movies)
with open("lifetime_movies_dump.txt", 'w') as lt_file:
    for movie in movies:
        response = requests.get('{api_key}&query={movie}'.format(api_key=api_key, movie=movie))
        data_json = json.loads(response.content)    
        for result in data_json['results']:

With this we get a file with the title and info of 483 movies, which we then feed to a GPT-2 model that’s already available in Google colab. Not only is the model already provided, but it also lets you use their GPUs for model training (a nifty Nvidia T4).

We have to upload the file created (“lifetime_movies_dump.txt”), download a gpt-2 model (I used the default one) and then train and generate text. Depending on how long you want to train your model this can take a couple of hours. Anyway, this is just preamble to what we are here for: our fake movies.


Obviously you won’t get only winners, but there’s usually some gems. Here are some of my favorite ones:

Chilling Silence: The Secret Lives of Elizabeth Tillery and Her Son

On October 16, 2013, Elizabeth Tillery was one of the eight victims of a vicious domestic assault carried out by a female companion. The two women were walking with their children from a family outing when Tillery took her son, who was already home, to his grandmother. She had an acquaintance, William Bellamy, who had lived with Tillery’s sister and younger brother and had become their best friend, Elizabeth. William began dating women aged 15 to 23. However, during a sexual encounter with Elizabeth’s grandmother on the weekend of the incident, William fired two shots into her husband’s head and killed her son. After killing William and Elizabeth, William was found with a suicide note written with his name and date of birth: William Tiller, Elizabeth Tillery, William Bellamy, William H. Bellamy. William had lost all faith in himself, and began to take a dark side to society. At some point in his life, William became increasingly isolated from his children. At some point in time, he became involved with a private investigator, who offered him the chance to go on with his life, but William didn’t think of it.

That is quite a secret and convoluted life. Also, incredibly bad luck when William fired two shots into his husband’s head and somehow killed his son, just incredibly bad luck

The Wrong Trousers

A young woman begins to suspect that her husband is moving in with his auntier brother, Gianni (Mario), to live over in his old ranch home. When Andrea suggests a move into her home, Ada exchanges ideas with her mother-in-law, who is also looking for her. Ada’s mother-in-law, Carolyn, is also looking for her. The moves come as a shock to her and her mother-in-law, Claudio, as they both know the aunt who is moving in. It is thought that she is part of a group who are moving into the house of the aunt who is moving in. It is rumored that the move is being performed by someone else. The young woman who is moving in with Gianni is trying to find her dream husband.

Why yes, I believe someone is moving in… their trousers

The Wrong Fiancé

When a fanfic depicts a woman who discovers that her fiancé is also gay has a problem with the wedding vows, the writers are told to keep them and the plot will be decided by luck.

So “The Wrong Fiancé” is an existing movie, no, the original is not about fanfics. Their loss

The Perfect Marriage

A marriage between pleasure and danger is threatened when a wrongdoer enlists his or her twin to murder his former lover.

It’s kinda nice to have both a male and female twin for murdering purposes. Really opens up your options

The Exorcistic

The Exorcistic is the most dramatic movie of 2013 that follows the story and conclusion of three children who, from birth, find themselves one day in hell trapped inside the confines of a chapel, where they learn to live with both forgiveness and love.

The Exorcist’s non-union Mexican equivalent

Lost Boys

A documentary film about the young children who found themselves in jail for trying to free convicted serial killer Ted Nugent, who had escaped from a mental institution.

Don’t do it, boys! Do not free Ted Nugent!

Lost Tribe: Tenant Fight!

From left: Daniel Hanabusa (Wuthering Heights/Hawaii), Sean Davis (The Green Mile), Sam Anderson (Blue Ridge Trail), Ryan Davis (Stark Star Trek), Jeff Garzik (Zoo of Japan), Aaron Fox (Babylon 6), Chris Fridman (Deadwood Run/Walk the Line), William Pritchard (Walt Disney’s Magic the Gathering), and Jack Kirby. Right: Sean Davis

Man! What a cast!

A Woman’s Love Story: The Murder and Revenge of Eva Grigorye

Grisea also had a bad time at the bar.

The summary is both too short and just right

The Wrong Girl May Be The Perfect Girl

Following the murder of ballet instructor and journalist Meredith Earl, a troubled past rears its ugly head in a shocking murder trial. Based on a true story.

I am astonished this is not a real movie title, is just perfect for Lifetime

Connected Wife

A woman moves to a new tattoo parlor after her husband’s murder. She soon discovers that her new new bedazzled husband has a history of violence with the women who live below. Sensing an opportunity, her gay stepmother convinces her to visit the house first, but before long she is attacked and murdered.

I’m super curious about this bedazzled husband

A Christmas Special – a Christmas Moment

The story of a privileged child who takes a trip to a Christmas-like place to find a chance to join his family at Christmas. The trip includes a stop in Hong Kong, a visit to the Home Sweet Homea, a stop in Belgium and so on. On the way there, she meets the famous people who missed her chance, the people who told her all those things that has happened to her so far: a piano boy, a singing career, a beautiful fiancé, her best friend.

Given the budget of the Christmas Lifetime movies, there’s no way they’re going to Hong Kong, Belgium and so on

The Perfect Boss: Personal Finance to Save The Family Christmas

Josh and Angela have built a successful careers and a wonderful baby, Sasha, is thriving. But Josh is the bad guy and Angela the hero. When Angela grows impatient of her baby’s generous giving, she’s led her to the front of the house and threatens to tear the Christmas tree down. Fearing that her stubborn baby might run off with her family?, she alone is better served by her helper, Angela’s determined follower. Realising that keeping her helper is no easy task, Angela takes Angela to war in traumatic territory, only to find she in actual fact turns Angela’s life around…

Oh yeah, Xmas and finance, great combo. Also, I’m rooting for the generous, stubborn, family stealing baby

Watch Your Back

A woman takes matters into her own hands and uses the opportunity to take her killer husband, a martial artist, to freedom.

Take him to freedom? What do you mean to freedom? The setup is great for a big epic showdown

The Perfect Bride 2

Jodi Arias’ adulterous affair with Robert Durst sees her sentenced to separate from husband David Sedaris’ life, but after a passionate and passionate trial both she and he will live.

Is this really how Jodi Arias’ story went?

Killer Grandma

Principal uncovers a monster underfoot and exposes its true nature to protect a shocking secret from taking the form of a warning to her daughter.

I’m guessing the warning to the daughter is that her grandma is a killer

The Condom of Your High Daughter

A teenager becomes overwhelmed with love when they become the first to be implanted with a new age implant.

A daughter with condoms, high and that has joined a new age cult? This is just all lifetime movies in one

The Perfect Stepfather

An Mennonite family adopts a cat to be adopted, but the cat turns out to be a monster. The family is soon stalked by a mysterious assailant and, with it, the only hope of survival may come from the right person.

The only hope of survival may come from the right person… or the right cat???

Girl with the Perfect Dick

When Jennifer falls for her great-great-great-Dana (Christine Dion) on the movie sets, it’s a shock to everyone… but when she gets revenge on her ex for cheating on her mom, she’s suddenly a teenaged girl from a wealthy family. Her father (Michael Gambon), a former hockey player, is a ruthless criminal and a thug, but Jennifer thinks he’s coming at her with a secret. When she meets him, however, it’s a whole different world than what she’s used to.

The Girl is also very humble

Psycho Daughter of an Eagle

Inspired by true events

I really need to see this movie!

Final notes

Even though there are some gems, the set was too small so I got a lot of movies that were just real movies transcribed directly or a lot of repeated titles. Maybe if I could get longer summaries and, in particular, if I had a way bigger sample of movies this would be better. Still, fun stuff.

If anyone here wants to dive into it, here’s the link with some results. Have fun and post your favorites in the comments!