A Neural Network Creates Some Anime

Have you ever seen those posts about machine learning generated movie scripts or D&D monster names or pies?  I have and I got curious about it. I’ve been toying with neural networks for a bit and in particular with text classification and generation so this seemed on my ballpark. I decided then to use this to try and generate anime titles and summaries.

How do we go about this? Well, to be able to generate fake ones first we need to get correct ones and as many as possible. There are multiple anime databases, I decided to go for Anilist’s one because their data seems pretty complete and their API is really easy to use and well documented. I created a simple python script that queries their database to get only the anime with English titles and a valid summary, then I dumped all of that into a plain text document which ended being 7MB (if you are going to do this, do not hammer their database with too many requests, don’t be a dick).

After obtaining the data I fed it to a well known Recurrent Neural Network for text generation (Andrej Karpathy’s model as explained here). This can be run on a cloud GPU from an available Jupyter notebook on Seedbank. After training this for a while (30000 epochs, around 4 hours) I got a model and with it some title and summaries. I must say the titles sound like real things but the summaries are mostly gibberish (just think that they were ran thru google translate several times). I also tried playing with the creativity but anything lower than 0.5 just kept it being super repetitive. Anyway, here are my favorite ones:

Ghost in the Train

In the year 2090, his entertain-year-old man, and Daily guardian, the fate. 
(Source: ANN)

Sounds good, an old man guarding the fate of the future trains

The Messengers of the Life

Rito was dealed in the captain at the Rail Princess and a completely risk of words. Could he do when her life reunited with perfect college students, she is a junior high school student, and they were in a shy girl who sees a place to let something – and they exist to mischievous demons. She has been planning to become friends, but he likes some things
Their own agents come true, but even if it hardly excites Assigators and the lords. The encounter will try to escape, he stumbles upon his plans of members of the pair of all the strong club in his master members was a college student but trying to become a future dorm within the enemy post. Eventually they’re orders, in the boundary. Jeanwa Robots and her 6 one shots. One day, a trap is his home into his father’s brother, Yakumo the said that also finds a man with the bad pirates that goes prophetered with the impact with the evil Monsters are always recently published to cut to be the ancient thing in Heaven.
(Source: ANN)

I’m just intrigued by “Assigators and the lords”

Dragon White

The story detail in the village of Orbys and the Galactic Gundam Demon Romance of the Demon Fumila. At the entire band champion, Jiang is the strongest planet. One day when the “The When Magical Videos have a small new location of chance he finds a fairy other student who finds out if you really kind herself to enter the legendary work” she asks her to get her out as well, with her friends are death. He is the year of a school where he’s forced to make their powers or the ability to turn their creations.

(Source: Chiba Manga)

Finally, a romance between a Gundam and a Demon, was about time

The Office Lady: The Moon in Weeken

The real United Village Grannins’, Boy Claud, and the fourth Moon Endow of Kakeru during this “oneshot”.
(Source: MU)

So much is happening here. Is the office lady working in the Moon? Is it an Escaflowne scenario?

The Town of Black

A guy named Yoshikaba Kakero is an uper technology. However, when the day they find themselves to every sister sweet face secretly read.” What Kaijyo was one of the wishes that would be lost in this past, Chihiro Aneneki, is the one who can restore the boy and discover that he is a special enemy. But he has a man named Rin and sure under the demon and want to find the bus tells to appear his television popularity and many relationships. Now, the Japanese organization continue through three life on the star. 

This seems almost like a real thing. A guy super into technology that discovers he has a “special enemy” and has popularity and many relationships. Basically a myriad of 90’s anime

God Prince

The two follows the sexual tennis manga of the second volume of Light Series.

Prince of Tennis took a turn

You To Sailor Man of the Arts 2

Based on the manga by Shinta Tenshi Shinshuu.

We all know You To Sailor Man of the Arts so no need to elaborate

Sweet Monster

One day, a romance manager, she is a member of the world of God and her heart in the party

A romance manager and a member of the world of God? Man, some people have everything

The Powerful Dragon Hands

The series is a story about a strange son of a mission to save his school and the destiny of the human world. And the victims are revealed to be a strange girl who was always quiet to business to death. She plays the streets of the rest of the classmates who live at her mother’s power and more every day. One day, when the same name is Kanei from Mizuki’s research and the man and her bodyguard and a woman and has the boy they live together into his life. There are the son of the graduation of the school’s love triangle to the school where they meet the world in the first love.

This martial arts x rom-com hybrid sounds great

Fate/Grown Commander

A collection of short stories by Seika Yoshikawa Shiraishi.

Ugh, more Fate? This series keeps getting milked

Someday’s Bed Machine

A sort of love story about a secret power who has been determined to become a car arrive. Although they can see the hotel that he is a life with his true secrets that come to the secret of his school and with one of the evil secrets of the mountains. The story is set in a world where she always becomes involved in a descendant of the school who is the last of the events of many of the manga. (Source: MAL)

Prequel to Death Bed but the manga was better

Doraemon: Delicious Memories

The story of a school for the artist of a series of excellent and band of ordinary school Witches

More Doraemon is always good

The Animation

Set in the Character of the Fairy Cat will follow his powers and trained to the family to leave the good friends from the scene. The main character is a high school student who has the power to restaurant the world with the player

What a generic title, but I’m intrigued by “the power to restaurant the world”

Um, these summaries are getting in the way of some great titles. It’s better to leave that to the imagination, seems like Miyazaki was right


So here’s a list of some of my favorite titles:

Getter Robo x Teacher

Demon Lord Samurai (I feel like this was released in the 90’s on VHS)

Heart Stranger: Alice is a Shock (Shounen High)

All Man

Sadamon (the saddest Digimon)

The Wind of the Handsome Bride

Page Battleship Academia (the Battleship Yamato x Witch Academia crossover we didn’t know we needed)

Goku’s World and the Beautiful Star

The Antagonist of the Moon

The World Blossoms from the Moon

The Moon in the Counterattack (ok what’s with all the Moons?)

One Piece School Animation (this would be a smash hit)

Play Panties (did I mention I forgot to remove the +18 stuff?)

And well there’s many many more, if you’re curious I’m saving what I’m getting here and if you have any ideas for other things to try let me know.