WW 151: Schitt’s Creek – Day 1

Well, hello there. I’m Twyla Sands. I’m the waitress over at the Café Tropical, and no matter what Mrs. Rose says, we do not serve miso salmon.

That’s me! I love my job here, seeing all of you. But I have some bad news. You see, some of the Town Council members got all up in arms about the fact that the Rose family…well…owns our little town of Schitt’s Creek. And that they’re here now and they’re making a big splash (which I love!). But the council’s decided that those Rose folks have got to go…really, everyone’s got to go until they’ve sated their strange totally unjustified blood lust.

And then there’s Roland, the mayor. He’s taken to roaming the town at night with a pitchfork. He’s a bit unhinged.

Well, it’s like one of my mom’s ex-boyfriends always used to say: “Small towns are like families. And you can’t spell family without murder.”

Good luck everyone!


There are Fourten (14) WELCOMING TOWNIES – they are happy the Rose’s are in town and are there to welcome them into the quirky community of Schitt’s Creek.

There is One (1) STEVIE BUDD (Town Doctor) – the proprietor of the Rosebud Motel, Stevie can call 911 for one patron of the motel every night in an attempt to save them from death. Note: The doctor cannot heal the non-targeted half of a doomed lover pair.

There are Four (4) ANGRY TOWN COUNCIL MEMBERS (Wolves) – things were better before the Rose family showed up! They are willing to do anything to run them out of town…even kill.

There is One (1) ROLAND SCHITT (Serial Killer) – the mayor of Schitt’s Creek is willing to take matters into his own hands.

Amongst the Welcoming Townies and Angry Town Council Members, there are also three sets of LOVERS:




Lovers will share a QT. If one half of a lover pair dies so does the other half.

Five of these lovers are townies and one is a wolf!


  • Ties result in all tied players dying.
  • There will be no eavesdropping mechanics.
  • You must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed or replaced.
  • Do not quote from your QTs or edit your comments without permission.
  • Wolves when there are no actions possible that allow for a town or SK win. Town wins when all wolves and the SK is dead. SK wins when there is only one other town standing. A final day with an SK and a wolf will produce a special ending, as will a final day with just the Wolf/Town Lover pair remaining.


The game is designed for 20 players.

  1. Warrior
  2. Cop
  3. Lindsay
  4. Mac
  5. Miss Rim
  6. Hoho
  7. Goat
  8. Nate
  9. Tiff
  10. Dicentra
  11. Emm
  12. Narrowstrife
  13. Raven
  14. Lamb Dance
  15. Jake
  16. April
  17. Side
  18. Grumproro
  19. Moonster
  20. Indy


  1. Hayes


You are a WELCOMING TOWNIE (VANILLA TOWN). You love the Rose family and want to help them acclimate to the town of Schitt’s Creek. The only power you have is your vote.