30 Day SF & Fantasy Challenge Day 23: Rank Your Star Wars Properties

With Star Wars being such a defining property for so many science fiction fans and a gateway to so much more, today’s topic is a little open-ended as we get to talk about this franchise. Largely, we want to know what your favorite pieces of it are from any of the mediums of choice and to serve as a chance to just talk about the whole thing in various ways, pros, cons, frustrations, surprising loves.

Being 7 years old when I saw it in 1977, it was transformational for my generation and I don’t expect anyone else to really “get” that outside of those that went through it like I did. Star Wars exists outside of my usual rankings and is just what I consider a part of my DNA in a way. I regularly rewatch the films and follow all the modern comics (and read all of the past ones outside of a few Dark Horse projects) and have a strange and deep love for the LEGO games.

So today, rank your Star Wars properties, gush, complain, nit-pick. Hit us up with all of t!

Bonus Question: What do you think could improve your least-liked project?