WW 150: Fringe – Day 7

It had been a long week for the agents. So long that it almost felt like two weeks. But fatigue didn’t bother the long lineage of detectives in the Shirogane family. Being tired meant that there was hard work being done, and there would be no rest until the mystery was solved.

What a shame then, that the Naoto Shirogane that was at her desk was not the real one. Having finally found a body to replace their old one, the shapeshifter had disposed of the detective’s body hours ago. When the agents would later discover the real Shirogane’s body, they would find the markings of a three-pronged device in the roof of her mouth.

Grumproro/Naoto Shirogane has died. She was an Agent of Fringe Division (PRIME UNIVERSE vanilla town).

Unlike the Shiroganes, this shapeshifter’s natural state was at rest. She decided to continue her usual routine and take a nap. She was constantly taking naps during work, so she thought, why not take another? She deserved it. Placing the three-pronged device on the desk, she put her head next to the device and closed her eyes.

Had she stayed awake longer, she would have been aware of the presence of a being in a suit and hat, who began to approach her.

“Her habits betray her yet again,” the being stated.

And with that, the constantly napping Agent Madison vanished, leaving only the three-pronged device behind. Her ally, hiding behind a pillar as it happened, could only watch silently in horror, hoping that they would not be found next.

Sagitarriuskim/Agent Madison has been erased from existence. She was a Shapeshifter (PARALLEL UNIVERSE vanilla wolf).


The remaining roles in the game:

5 Agents of Fringe Division (vanilla town)

2 Lovers

1 Vanilla Wolf

1 Observer

1 Special Role


Town wins when all scum are eliminated. Wolves and Observers win when their numbers are equal to/greater than all other factions combined. A wolf/Observer tie will result in an Observer win.

Ties will be determined by RNG. Whether that is following by Prime Universe rules or Parallel Universe rules will not be revealed, nor will it necessarily be constant.

Players are NOT allowed to EDIT COMMENTS or QUOTE DIRECTLY FROM QT’s. Failure to comply may result in a mod-kill.

Please be respectful to everyone (even if they are from another universe). Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we’re all here to have a good time.


  1. Indy Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  2. Mr Plow
  3. Marlowe
  4. Tiff
  5. Hayes
  6. Moonstermash Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  7. Jude
  8. Lindsay Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  9. April Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  10. Raven Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  11. Sic Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  12. Hoho Thomas Jerome Newton (wolf roleblocker)
  13. Grumproro Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  14. Malthusc ZFT member (vanilla wolf)
  15. Emm
  16. Louie
  17. Nate Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  18. Bones ZFT member (vanilla wolf)
  19. Dicentra Shapeshifter (vanilla wolf)
  20. Cop Fauxlivia (vigilante)
  21. Sheleeta Walter Bishop (town doctor)
  22. Goat Olivia Dunham (investigator)
  23. Beelzebot Observer
  24. Ralph David Robert Jones (wolf roleblocker)
  25. Sagitarriuskim Shapeshifter (vanilla wolf)
  26. Miss Rim Lincoln Lee (town investigator)
  27. Gramps
  28. Wasp Walternate (town jailer)
  29. Josephus William Bell (special role)
  30. Ivan Ichianus
  31. Owen Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  32. Jake Observer
  33. Adam Farrar Observer
  34. Snugs Shapeshifter (vanilla wolf)
  35. Narrowstrife Charlie Francis (town vigilante)
  36. Warrior


Twilight will be on Saturday, April 24 at 11 AM MDT/7 PM CEDT.