“Who Smarted?” American Dad! S18 EP1

Jeff undergoes an intelligence enhancement procedure.

Hayley and Jeff are on a double date with Danuta and her new boyfriend, Marco. Jeff embarrass Hayley with his normal stupidity, which results in a fight that night

Pissed off, Jeff takes a walk in the neighborhood and runs into Stan, who is collecting animals for a CIA project. Jeff learns of a CIA project that could make him more intelligent.

But Hayley tries to put a stop to it, but reconsiders as this could actually make Jeff smart

The operation being a success as long as Jeff doesn’t smoke any marijuana .

On another date with Hayley and their friends, Jeff is the hit of the party with his new wit. Hayley doesnt like this new Jeff as it makes her look stupid

So later that night, Hayley tries to slip him marijuana but Jeff catches her. So they break up, and now Hayley dates yet another moron while Jeff ditches her to join the intellectuals and wins the quiz show “Ooh Ooh ! I know that!”

But he soon discovers it’s nothing but an evil front to extract the sperm from the world’s smartest people.

Hayley arrives just in time to free him from the harvesting machine, but they end up trapped.

Jeff gives himself a lobotomy with a coat hanger to make himself so dumb, and he comes up with an idea so stupid that the intellectuals would never think of. They get naked and slather Vaseline on themselves making them uncatchable.

Also, the harvesting machine explodes killing the evil intellectuals . R.I.P Spank Bank

B Plot

Roger and Steve try to harvest snake venom,

We get 2 new Roger personas for the price of one

Chico Dungaree , former Twisted Sister roadie

Chaz Babalon, pathological liar