Battle of the YouTube Stars – Quarterfinals

Hello, and welcome back to our YouTube Tournament, where we’ve narrowed our contestants down to 8 Quarterfinalists.

Sweet 16 Recap

  • Lindsay Ellis defeats Neil Cicierega 34-17. I was just glad to see an internet icon like Neil get a decent run in this tournament. I didn’t want to over feature Potter Puppet Pals as he done many things, but PPP was one my favorite series as a kid, and I did catch a live show of them once. As for Ellis, I won’t add commentary to her recent situation – you can read 200 comments about that in the dedicated thread. I will say it doesn’t seem like the controversy has impacted her performance in the tournament thus far – but we’ll see what happens going forward.
  • ProZD defeated Numberphile 33-8. This was an overwhelming win, but Numberphile was a pretty big underdog to get this far. I am glad ProZD is doing so well on this run, given his content is functionally completely different from most of the contestants,
  • Rachel Bloom defeated LegalEagle 25-24 in a razor thin win. I think Legal Eagle is an interesting example of a channel that rose up from its origins as just a “Lawyer reacts to X” deal. Bloom is probably assisted by her outside of YouTube fame, but we’ll see if that helps her advance even further.
  • Defunctland defeated Brian David Gilbert 35-20. I do want to say on BDG that as much as I’ve enjoyed his work at Polygon, I’m very excited to see the weird stuff he’ll get up to in this new era of going solo. But Defunctland is a very worthy Elite 8 member.
  • Other Results: Hbomberguy defeated PhilosophyTube 21-13. Todd defeated TeamFourStar 28-15. Jenny Nicholson defeated Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 34-19. Folding Ideas defeated How It Should Have Ended 25-17.

Subscriber Counts: This is just another curiosity I wanted to look at, how popular our Quarterfinalists are on paper. Obviously subscribers aren’t everything, and certainly won’t necessarily correspond to how big they are in our community. But still interesting that only two of our Top 8 has crossed the Million Subscribers Milestone.

ProZD 3.32 Million

Lindsay Ellis – 1.14 Million

Defunctland – 919k

Hbomberguy – 776k

Jenny Nicholson – 720k

Folding Ideas – 415k

Todd in the Shadows – 415k

Rachel Bloom – 235k

So, please vote on our Quarterfinal Match-Ups below, and you can check the whole state of the Tournament here: