Marble Rally Season 5 Race 8

We are back in the snow and ice for race 8! After last week’s slippery race, let’s see if Red Number 3 can repeat their win or if someone new takes that top spot. Ghost Plasma remains the overall MR leader with Cool Moody, Lollipop, Superball and Pollo Loco rounding out the top 5.

We’re told as the race starts that the marbles had so much fun in these conditions that some of the lower ranked marbles are given an opportunity. Why not? Let’s see annnnnnnnnnd right away 3 marbles go flying off the course. Whoa! Red Number 3 is one of them, Marbley McMarbleface and Ducktape are the other two. Ducktape we’re told was pushed back onto the course by fans (no cameras caught it, camera 3 was unfortunately down for this race so we might have missed that feat). The other two were not so lucky and would have to take DNFs here.

Moving on from that chaos, Comet and Cobra are the early leaders in this race with Cool Moody also pushing their way into the conversation. Summer Sky and Blazing Fireball are also in the top 5 early on. The speed on this race makes it tough to track everyone. Greg comments that the conditions seem icier than the previous race and as he says that Crazy Cat’s Eye finds themselves off the course as well and isn’t able to get back so they’re out now. Nemo and Slimer are trying to push their way into the top 5. Blizzard Blaster races into second behind Comet. Cool Moody is trying to make a move but Summer Sky is bumping them. Blizzard Blaster is into first. Comet is falling back, falling back, and its going to be Blizzard Blaster finishing in first by a second and a half over Comet. Cool Moody, Summer Sky and Slimer round out the top 5.


  • Those top 5 spots might be regretting the decision to allow the lower marbles to go up ahead of them. Cool Moody performed strongly but otherwise Ghost Plasma at 10th is the highest finisher with the other marbles likely thanking the 3 DNFs for not making their placements look any worse.
  • Blizzard Blaster was a DNF back in the first race of this season and was consistently in the back of the pack prior to this. The points earned here allowed them to jump 6 spots in the standings to the top 10
  • Ducktape went from flying off course to a sixth place finish. Not bad.
  • The top 4 overall didn’t change, Pollo Loco swapped spots with El Capitan though, going from 5th to 6th.

What did you think? How are we feeling about the snow and ice courses after seeing these two?