Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2005-2008: Top 384 (Part 5 of 8)

After 4 months of group play, it’s time for the playoffs! Only the top 384 songs remain. The top 128 have a bye to the next round; the remaining 256 songs will be split into 8 days of 32 songs each.

Since it’s the playoffs, groups will be active until 9:00 AM Pacific the day after they post,1 or for roughly 24 hours. You can listen to a playlist of today’s songs (in matchup order) here.

Or you can work ahead!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Or listen to every song (including songs with byes) here.



Voting will be live until Monday, April 12th at 9:00AM Pacific

Previous Round Results:

AetherAether87Trails in the Sky the 3rdCastle of Illusions (Phantasmagoria)
Mass EffectLiara’s World107Professor Layton and the Curious VillageRising Tower
Lumines IItiny piano67Trails in the Sky SCGravestone Struck by Lightning
Shadow of the ColossusCommandment105Mother 316 Melodies
Kingdom Hearts IIScherzo di Notte512Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King AbaddonThe Final Decisive Battle
PsychonautsThe Meat Circus86Trails in the Sky the 3rdCry For Me, Cry For You
OpoonaConcert Hall96Zwei: The Ilvard InsurrectionMoon World Luna Mundus
Sonic RushBack 2 Back88*Super Smash Bros. BrawlChill (Dr. Mario)
Patapon 2Moudamepon’s Theme76OpoonaRuins in the Wilderness
Sigma HarmonicsGentle Timbre122Radiata StoriesOUTSIDERS
Rhythm Heaven (DS)Munchy Monk Circus48Rhythm Heaven (DS)Built to Scale 2
OkamiExorcizing Evil132Dissidia: Final FantasyFFII Battle Scene 1
Mega Man Battle Network 6Theme of Mega Man Battle Network 6102Trails in the Sky SCBack to Our Friends
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the PlumeDelusional Extremities97Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2Alive
Dissidia: Final FantasyFFVIII Don’t Be Afraid (Battle Theme)511The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessKakariko is Saved
Castlevania JudgmentBloody Tears116Jade EmpireDance of the Babbling Brook

One tie. Chill (Dr. Mario) will be advancing, despite the awesome samples of Back 2 Back.