Comic Book Review – Beta Ray Bill #1 (of 5)

Beta Ray Bill #1 (of 5)

Written and Drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson

Although I added Beta Ray Bill to my pull list awhile back, I really wanted to read this issue, so I bought it while perusing the comic shelves at the Geekadrome. I am so glad that I didn’t wait!

When Thor is preoccupied fighting the forces of Knull on Earth, a Beast is headed toward Asgard. Beta Ray Bill must protect the golden realm from this incursion. Can Beta Ray Bill protect his adopted home without his trusty weapon, Stormbreaker?

Speaking with my fellow comic lovers online, everyone has said that each miniseries spinning out of King in Black has been a hit and this one is no exception. Beta Ray Bill must do battle with a Knullified villain, which you can probably guess by the cover art. I didn’t know who it was until the reveal and I was shocked. After the dust settles, Beta Ray Bill is left a changed man. He doesn’t feel like he fits in on Asgard like he did beforehand. Odin is gone, Thor is the All-King, and Beta Ray Bill’s reunion with Lady Sif doesn’t go as planned. He heads out on a journey into the cosmos to search his feelings and try to fix what’s missing in his life.

I have loved Beta Ray Bill since he was first introduced and this comic was on my radar since it was announced. Daniel Warren Johnson was the right choice for this miniseries. I have heard nothing but good things about Wonder Woman Dead Earth (which I hope to read soon). He has done a great job deconstructing Wonder Woman and Bill – taking the warrior and showing readers a softer side to their personalities. Both outsiders thrust into a world that made them the heroes they are today. Both trying to fit in and finding a bit of happiness they richly deserve after years of protecting innocents and putting others first.

This comic runs a gamut of emotions – action, romance, comedy, and tragedy. I’m hoping that this miniseries spins into an ongoing. This will depend on sales, but I’ve seen a lot of people reading this book on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I also hope we get to see Beta Ray Bill in Thor: Love and Thunder. I think all of us want to see him with Thor and Jane Foster fighting Gorr, the God Butcher.

This is a must buy and if you haven’t picked it up yet, stop what you are doing and run out and pick it up before it sells out.