Marble Rally 2020 Race 7

The Marble Rally is back from winter break and these marbles will warm back up in the snow today. This rally track is provides a much smoother icy surface for the racers, while maintaining the structure of the sand rallies of the previous races. Let’s see how it affects their performance.

The leaderboard determines the position at the start of this race with Ghost Plasma, Cool Moody and Superball sharing the front and center positions. The race starts and Ghost Plasma sprints into first, slamming themself into walls. Cool Moody and Red Number 3 jockey back and forth trying to catch up. RN3 catches air for a moment after hitting a wall with a bit too much speed, but Cool Moody doesn’t see in time and fully ramps off of the course, ending their run before the 10-second mark.

El Capitan and RN3 push ahead of Ghost Plasma, who seems a bit distracted by the DNF behind them. GP reclaims second, and begins to bite at the heels of RN3. El Capitan, Duck Tape, and Pollo Loco jockey for third. There is a big slowdown, which allows Black Knight to enter the competition for second. Red Number 3 by this point stretches the lead to a nearly unbridgeable gap.

El Capitan grabs second from Ghost Plasma, and Black Knight works their way past to grab third and surprisingly Crazy Cats Eye also passes Ghost Plasma off screen to nab fourth. GP does get to keep 5th, which helps to maintain their lead over their top competitors, Cool Moody (DNF) and Superball (16th).

Red Number 3 grabs gold for the first time, bringing them up to 7th overall. El Capitan grabs silver, pushing them up a slot to 6th. Black Knight grabs their first medal with bronze, bringing them out of the bottom 6. Overall, this was an interesting change of pace for these marbles, and I’m excited to see more ice rallies in future leagues. I was expecting more DNFs than usual, but 1 puts it on the lower end compared to the sandy counterparts.

Additional notes:

  • This race begins with a note that the third camera footage was corrupted, which explains why we lose sight of some marbles throughout the race. Most likely this is the camera which caught the group jockeying for second.
  • It looks like there was some kind of hazard built into the track around 1:15 into the race, but RN3 avoided that lane. Oh, it is marbles frozen in ice (shown more clearly around 2:52 in the video). Neat.
  • Lutair-favorite CCE nabbing 4th is a win for their ranking, bringing them to 8th overall.
  • Pollo Loco maintains 5th overall despite never grabbing a medal. Consistency is key.
  • Lollipop got 9th, but that was enough to let them pass Superball for third overall.
Where's Roldo

I didn’t catch a hint on this video. Perhaps no Roldo? Or maybe I’m blind.