Sports Corner Throws Out the First Pitch

A new baseball season begins tomorrow, and with it the hopes of 30 teams for a season of more wins than losses, and more games played than postponed. The biggest stat of the season could be “most players vaccinated,” and we can only hope that there won’t be an antivax rebellion. But beyond that, there is a chance that we will see an amazing pennant race in the NL West, a mad scrum in the NL East, and the rise at last of the White Sox. As well as a historically bad team in Pittsburgh. All will become clear soon. Play ball!


  • The Final Fours are set
  • The Supreme Court is set to hear testimony in the landmark case challenging the NCAA’s notion of “amateurism”
  • The Nets sign LaMarcus and are accused of “creating a superteam”
  • NHL trade deadline nears
  • The Masters is a week away

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.